Loving the Double-D

banner_ToThePointMany of us have spent an afternoon playing as our favourite superhero at one point or another, running around with a pillowcase strapped to our back and defeating imaginary bad guys or super villains to the sounds of “BIFF!”, “POW!”, “KA-BLOOEY!” and other noises of a violent nature.  It’s a fascinating trend that more and more kids are being exposed at an earlier age to the superhero genre as Comic Books and Graphic Novels are becoming more mainstream and popular amongst all levels of society.  What once was the domain of the “nerd” or “geek” is now almost as cool and popular amongst the other social strata as sports, television programs and fashion shows.  Okay, I know very little about fashion shows, but let’s assume for the purpose of the article that Fashion Shows and blockbuster films about superheroes are equally popular in society, okay?  Allow me my liberties.

To that end I want to explore some of the comics I am reading and talk about what makes them such good reads currently.  This week I want to begin with a title that is getting some attention for the mainstream accolades it is earning and the quiet greatness it is achieving.  That, and the main character sports a lovely set of double-D’s…

Free Comic Book Day!


We here at Hobby Hysteria are huge fans of the printed word, and we love it even more when the printed word is accompanied by the beautiful art and colours in our favourite comic books.  Every year the industry gets together and has a day devoted to getting new readers exposed to this great hobby and expose readers to some different work that they may not spend their disposable income on of their own volition.

It’s like “Pusher Day” if we were to celebrate the distribution and sale of gateway drugs, because trust me, once you try some of these great books you may find yourself at the FLGS checking out other titles than you have in the past.

Tools of the Trade


Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s a poor craftsman that blames his tools”?  This may be true of many trades but it does not apply to miniature painting.  In fact I believe that quality tools can make one’s miniatures better than what they could be with poorly maintained or mediocre brushes and other tools we work with.  This article aims to provide you with the details and hopefully impart some knowledge on the more commonly used tools of our trade.

Gamer Funk (No not the smell!)


So the first thing I find myself having to tackle while trying to get the blog up and running off the ground is the fact that as a gamer I am currently suffering from a bit of malaise.  My preferred game, Privateer Press‘ Warmachine calls to me and I am busy thinking of lists, plotting which models to use with which Warcasters but I simply cannot dredge up the will to get painting and be productive.

A New Post!


Because we have asked you here, dear reader, to take a look and give us your thoughts, on our endeavour.

Much love,

The Boy with the Blade.