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Nerdy Jobs: Commander, an introduction!


I like many other nerds have gone through phases of gaming, one of these phases (a long time ago) was during the golden age of TCG.  That special phase that you look back on and cringe at either the amount of money you invested or the value of the cards that you ONCE had.  I during my golden age (Grade 7) I cracked open my first package of Pokemon cards and stumbled across:


Nerdy Jobs


I suspect that introductions are in order. Hi, I’m Boots. I am one of many people who find writing introductions incredibly difficult, mostly because I want to reference almost every single tired old pun that is in the “book”. I’m from Ontario, Canada and given that knowledge it is easy to presume that I spend the vast majority of my time at home buried under an incredible amount of ice and snow. When I get a chance to escape my hovel, I’m an avid board game nerd, miniature aficionado, and one who infrequently reads comic books.

I’ve been blogging for a couple years now, under this alias, though in the past my time has been spent behind a camera as opposed the keyboard. I do a fair bit of convention traveling; I have seen the steampunk mysteries of Templecon, the countless wonders of Gencon and the Hallowed Halls of PAX. I would love to call myself world-weary but that just makes me think of the Travel Network and I don’t believe I’d be a very good travel critic. I’d likely just end up writing reviews along the lines of: it’s too hot here, or not enough snow. Not exactly Outdoor Life Network material.