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So, uhhhh, Happy 2016 I guess?

So pretty, likely has no reason to be on this site..


Wow, it’s been a long time since we posted a blog article, and for no good damn reason I assure you aside from laziness.  Hoping to address that and make amends by producing more content on a semi-regular schedule, but no promises since that has happened before.


So saying “Happy New Year” to everyone is our first order of business.  We at HH wish you all much health, happiness, wealth, success and hysteria in the New Year.  2015 was a good year for me personally, with the health of my family being great and no small amount of financial success as well.  Holiday debt is a thing for sure, but Ladyblade has assured me a new budget is coming for 2016 in order to get us on track and making strides in paying off our household debt and saving for a bright future for our beloved little Dragonspawn.  Home improvements, savings, a vacation in the UK to coincide with Star Wars Celebration 2016 and more family travel are all good reasons to plan for a future and take steps to stick to said plan in order to reap the rewards.  However I doubt you are here to read about my plans to save money in 2016, I assume you are here for the Hysteria of my Hobbies and interests, which I am only too happy to provide.

Donate or Paint 2015



So I was tasked by a good friend to participate in the Chain Attack “Donate or Paint” 2015 challenge to help benefit a friend I’ve never met in need of assistance.  The full details can be found: HERE on the Chain Attack web site.

I’m not going to write too much about it since a short video with proof will do the same, but I will post more (and better!) pictures of the completed task on the blog later this week.



And yes I look like Hell, but I will shave and get some sleep and be much better soon, I promise.  The lingering effects of TempleCon hangover, Con Crud and being late at night have taken their toll on me, what can I say?

To those I have challenged, you have three days.  To those that wish to participate, paint something, donate whatever you can, help a person in need out and help pass along the good karma.

Till next time,

May all your Blades be Sharp.

– NB

Kriels for a Con


So it’s a New Year and we’ve been busy behind the scenes for some time, mostly working on armies, ideas, thoughts, and scrounging around for some content to keep things going here.  While I have the time, I hope to bring some more news and info to the blog.  Spring and Summer aren’t that far off, and that means I get busier and have less time when the sun comes out and people feel the need for some beautiful backyard leisure.  Regardless of all that, let’s discuss what we have been working on here at the Hystericave!!

For me, I picked up a new army that I have always admired from afar but avoided because my friends already played the faction or were working on it and enjoying it.  I won’t lie, I am one of those people who would like to be playing and painting something different from the majority of the crew at the FLGS, and wanting to be the paragon or pure player of the faction that I am championing.  That means sometimes you need to play the underdog, or play the less competitive stuff.  In this case it was just a shortage of players in the faction and the time was right for a new army and new challenge for the Road to TempleCon 2015.


So………. yeah.



We’re recovering here at Hysterical HQ.  The Southern Ontario Open was this weekend, an 89-player Masters event hosted in Hamilton, Ontario by some of the best people around.  Aside from confirming that I am the WORST player of Warmachine/Hordes in Southern Ontario at a competitive level, it was an amazing event that tired all of the Hysterical crew out to the point of exhaustion and the need for comatose-levels of sleep.

Discussion and some recap will be had, but for now let’s just assume we’re all too damn tired to talk about anything.  We’re going over our wins, losses, and analyzing our gameplay to try and understand everything better.

For my part, I got 31 models painted in 9 days to prep for the event and STILL didn’t get a single 50pt list to fully painted.  I took my Convergence of Cyriss to the event and really enjoyed playing and learning them this past weekend.  But I KNOW I need to evaluate my lists and figure out some stronger options as well as really get down to which caster is suited for which role, and then build better lists to support their respective roles.  I have a lot of work to do before I attempt another showing at a local, or international, Masters event.  😉

All kinds of article ideas spring up as I reflect on the weekend, however like I said, we’re all exhausted so all you’re going to get today is the promise of more articles (I see Face_DOOM is editing his next article as I type) and this GIF of a bidepal Horse running full out.


Guess which end of the Horse I feel like?

Architect of the Divine

Stolen shamelessly, but somewhat appropriate...

Stolen shamelessly, but somewhat appropriate…


Okay it’s been too long and I never got off my butt and finished showing the stuff I picked up from Templecon, but we’re going to struggle and work through that as soon as i can get this stuff done.  And I’m working on it, so apologies to all for the lengthy absence again.

I recently had the privilege of receiving the Lost Hemisphere Blog’s review copy of Father Lucant, the Divinity Architect to assemble and paint, and let me tell you what a joy it was.



Creative list building vs. “the meta”


Meta (from the Greek preposition and prefix meta- (μετά-) meaning “after” or “beyond”) is a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter. 

If you’re anything like me, the first time you heard the word ‘meta’ it was probably attached to the word gaming, you usually heard it playing RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, and it wasn’t something you wanted to be accused of.  Meta gaming meant using your out-of-character knowledge to make in-character decisions and was typically most loathed when it was done for personal gain.  But I digress, many of you dear readers may not be as nerdy as I am and perhaps the first time you heard it was in the Warmachine and Hordes community where it gets thrown around so often.   If you listen to any of the multitude of podcasts on the subject (including the brilliant and amazing Lost Hemisphere Radio Podcast) you’ll hear the term thrown around a lot, but what does it mean to you?

The way people in this community use the term it basically means ‘the style or styles of play that are most advantageous and/or successful within the current rules, accepting the current range of models available for play’.  In other words; whatever is working right now.  That is the basic concept of Warmachine meta.  It is different from place to place and highly affected by the size of group playing the game at or in any given event or community, but it’s a fascinating concept and it’s a neat experience to travel to Cons, tournaments and even just stores outside of your local in order to see other metas.  Something that I have been noticing more and more recently is the trickle down from the national meta to the store level meta, probably because of the massive increase in the popularity of Warmachine podcasts these last few years.  People hear casters or other models reviewed poorly or read that they are bad on the forums and simply dismiss them without a further look, instead favouring options more popular on the forums or among the top national players.  On the one hand I think this is great because it gives payers everywhere a chance to try out a list or some tech that one of the best in the world put together, but on the other hand I worry that newer players may get sucked into the whirlpool of competitive play before they have a chance to bask in the glory that is the storyline, themes and narrative of the Iron Kingdoms – and of course the basics of the game itself.  It’s important to get a firm grasp of the basics before diving into last year’s Warmachine Weekend winner’s Masters list.  You want to remember that the game is fun too, and keep it that way for yourself and others as often as possible.  That’s most of what I want to address today but before I get too carried away:

Hoppy Easter!

Steampunk Bunny seemed appropriate, no?


It’s been a while, and anyone wondering where we’ve been at Hobby Hysteria, well, I won’t bore you with the details but let it be known we’re aware we’ve been gone for a while.  For me, Swimming Pool season is finally here after one of the longest, harshest winters in my 38 years of life.  Ice storms, Polar Vortexes, Cold booms and the unrelenting assault of snowfall after snowfall had my industry very worried.  Thankfully the warmer weather has begun and we can get out there and get some things done.  Like this, for instance:


This is how a pool should look when you peel the cover off...

This is how a pool should look when you peel the cover off…


I opened this pool Saturday and was pleased to see that the winter had been easy on this pool; very little debris, just some sand and silt on the bottom that needed to be vacuumed up, and when I was finished it looked even better.


A little cloudy but clean and ready for heat and swimming!

A little cloudy but clean and ready for heat and swimming!


Shocked, tested and balanced, and ready to be used once it warms up (the water was around 40 degrees, or 4C, when I took this photo).

I guess what I am saying is thanks for understanding, for being patient, and for reading anything we post up here when we do get around to it.   I promise there is more coming this week, with a submission from a good friend even!!

Happy Easter Monday, and keep on being Hysterical!


– NB

Deathbot Unboxing Begins!

Stolen shamelessly, but somewhat appropriate...

Stolen shamelessly, but somewhat appropriate…


Without much ado and any further delay, let’s start the blog articles showing you what was in those lovely blisters and boxes acquired from TempleCon 2014!


First up is one I think a lot of people were waiting for, the Iron Mother herself, Directrix and her Exponent Servitors.  This was a heavy blister containing all the pieces you will need to construct your own Deathbot Warcaster Vessel and her floating hoverbots.


Chock full of robot-y goodness with none of the distracting nougat.

Chock full of robot-y goodness with none of the distracting nougat.

Post TempleCon Blues


Having just returned from TempleCon 2014 and made reparations at home for my time away, I find myself a bit morose and melancholy at my desk as i write this, thinking of all the people I already miss and all the fun I just had.  If no one minds I think I’ll go back through some of the highlights here and talk about why TempleCon means the world to me.

Fearing the approaching snowmaggeddon, we hastily decided last Tuesday to depart early and drive all night to beat the majority of the snow and mess that would come with a Winter Snowstorm the day we were meant to drive 8 hours to Rhode Island.  We LITERALLY would have been driving through the worst part of the storm for the majority of the day, and that is not something I really wanted to do.  So rushed packing and hasty departures had Ragnarok and myself in the car and on the road by 8 PM, hoping beyond hope to not hit snow till early Wednesday.  We made good time and crossed the border fast after an awesome chat about being unique and different with the border guard and quickly got underway crossing the desolate space that is the I-90 in New York State.  Making but one pit stop for gas and a bio-break, we had what i consider to be a pretty good run all the way to Warwick, Rhode Island and the Crowne Plaza hotel.  We had heard from the second car that they were getting some snow, and I expected to get hit when we started to head south towards Providence/Warwick, but fortunately our car made it all the way to the hotel with no snow.  We checked into our room at around 4:45 AM Wednesday and went back out to get the bags from my car, only to be greeted by 2cm of snow already down in the time it took us to check in.


This was clear 5 minutes ago...

This was clear 5 minutes ago…