All About Hobby Hysteria

I wanted to take a minute here to write what the goal is, what the values and direction for the site I have in mind are, and hopefully the yardstick by which we will be measured by our audience.

To be an informative, accurate and enthusiastic blog celebrating the fun, sportsmanship and craftsmanship that goes into any and all hobbies that are enjoyed Worldwide.

That, in a nutshell, will be the Mission Statement for Hobby Hysteria moving forward from inception, to launch, all the way to the ultimate and eventual End of All Things.

Basically what I, and the rest of the support staff, crew, contributors, sponsors and all the people out there who are going to enable us to do what we love hope to be able to do with the blog and podcasts that are going to comprise the Hobby Hysteria-verse.  We’re going  to loudly expound with enthusiasm and emotion about all of the various hobbies and interests we have while entertaining and perhaps inspiring our audience at the same time.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Hobby Hysteria, please contact for information about our sponsorship program.

To become a contributor to Hobby Hysteria, please submit a sample of your completed work to and we will advise you of your eligibility as a contributor.

To everyone else I’d like to personally take a moment to welcome you aboard the ride that is to be Hobby Hysteria, and to thank you in advance for your time.  If you like what you see or have suggestions or constructive cri5ticism, please feel free to share them with me at at your convenience.

Until we meet again, my friends.

May all your blades be sharp,

– Northblade

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