Donate or Paint 2015



So I was tasked by a good friend to participate in the Chain Attack “Donate or Paint” 2015 challenge to help benefit a friend I’ve never met in need of assistance.  The full details can be found: HERE on the Chain Attack web site.

I’m not going to write too much about it since a short video with proof will do the same, but I will post more (and better!) pictures of the completed task on the blog later this week.



And yes I look like Hell, but I will shave and get some sleep and be much better soon, I promise.  The lingering effects of TempleCon hangover, Con Crud and being late at night have taken their toll on me, what can I say?

To those I have challenged, you have three days.  To those that wish to participate, paint something, donate whatever you can, help a person in need out and help pass along the good karma.

Till next time,

May all your Blades be Sharp.

– NB

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