So………. yeah.



We’re recovering here at Hysterical HQ.  The Southern Ontario Open was this weekend, an 89-player Masters event hosted in Hamilton, Ontario by some of the best people around.  Aside from confirming that I am the WORST player of Warmachine/Hordes in Southern Ontario at a competitive level, it was an amazing event that tired all of the Hysterical crew out to the point of exhaustion and the need for comatose-levels of sleep.

Discussion and some recap will be had, but for now let’s just assume we’re all too damn tired to talk about anything.  We’re going over our wins, losses, and analyzing our gameplay to try and understand everything better.

For my part, I got 31 models painted in 9 days to prep for the event and STILL didn’t get a single 50pt list to fully painted.  I took my Convergence of Cyriss to the event and really enjoyed playing and learning them this past weekend.  But I KNOW I need to evaluate my lists and figure out some stronger options as well as really get down to which caster is suited for which role, and then build better lists to support their respective roles.  I have a lot of work to do before I attempt another showing at a local, or international, Masters event.  😉

All kinds of article ideas spring up as I reflect on the weekend, however like I said, we’re all exhausted so all you’re going to get today is the promise of more articles (I see Face_DOOM is editing his next article as I type) and this GIF of a bidepal Horse running full out.


Guess which end of the Horse I feel like?

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