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So many of us have been there before.  It’s the biggest local tournament of the year and you’ve been preparing for it for weeks if not months.  The first round pairings are announced and you confidently walk over to the table and begin unpacking your figures.  You then get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you frantically search all your foam trays in futility.  You forgot to pack that Warlock you just finished basing last night.


Goatvahna. Never leave home without her.


So just in time for the Southern Ontario Open, here’s a handy checklist for your Warmachine and Hordes inventory!

  1. Verify that all models and cards are in your bag/carrying case.  I like to put all the cards out on my floor and place the models on top of the cards then pack all the figures and then pack all the cards.  A little obsessive compulsive, I realize, but it gets the job done.
  2. Tournament/Convention tickets and passes.  You ain’t gettin’ in without a ticket.
  3. Dice!  Can’t play with confidence without your favourite faction dice in hand!
  4. Tokens.  Fairly essential in this game.
  5. Templates.  Don’t count on your opponent to have templates.  You should have your own!
  6. Dry/wet erase markers.  Is there anything more annoying than having to share a marker when playing Warmachine?
  7. Tape measure and precision measuring tools/widgets.  Possibly the only thing more annoying than having to share a dry erase marker.
  8. Paper towels if you’re using wet erase markers.  That ink is impossible to wash off your hands!
  9. Tournament tray.  Makes it a lot easier to manoeuvre between tables and shortens your deployment time.
  10. Hand sanitizer.  I hear “Con Crud” is a thing.  Stay healthy by staying germ free.
  11. Super glue and accelerant.  Accidents happen during games.  Ponda Baba knows you don’t want models disarmed throughout the day.
  12. Pen/pencil.  So you don’t drive the tournament organizers crazy by filling in your result sheet using dry erase markers.
  13. Your army lists.  Bring at least 2 copies.
  14. Bottle of water & snacks.  Thirst and hunger happen.  It can cause you to lose focus in your games so be prepared with emergency rations!
  15. Deodorant.  Just face it.  It’s a long day and sometimes you get nervous while playing.  It’s not a bad thing to take 5 in between rounds, splash some water on your face and refresh those armpits.


Poor Ponda Baba. If he only had some super glue and accelerant he’d have been kicking Luke’s ass in seconds. Good thing his friend is a “doctor”.


That’s all I can think of.  Hopefully, this little checklist will help you be more prepared for your next tournament or convention.  Be prepared and organized.  I feel it helps me relax and focus better on the game knowing everything is there in its proper place.

If you guys have more suggestions, feel free to post a comment!



– Masterseck

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  1. Nog
    May 16, 2014 at 8:09 AM

    Good article. I agree bullet point #1 may seem a little OCD but as someone that has driven 5+ hours to Templecon to realize I forgot Borka’s keg carrier I like the idea and think I will be doing your card/model trick as I pack for next weekends SOO.

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